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We can provide:

PPA Cover

Teachers time with their children is invaluable but they need time to plan outside of the classroom for. My-Coaching Education Ltd. are able to provide cover for your teachers PPA / leadership time with curriculum PE sessions.

These sessions are a great way for your children to participate in quality PE that is: highly engaging, accessible for all abilities with structured behaviour management. With lots of experience our coaches are able to differentiate sessions to cater for any level ability or disability. This allows children to feel engaged in the learning and achieve the objectives set in any lesson.

Our coaches have attended numerous behaviour management workshops with Governing bodies and experienced teachers. This allows the learning environment to remain engaging and fun but with clear boundaries for the children, incorporating the school’s current behaviour policy in their sessions.

After school clubs

At the end of a hard days work in the classroom nothing can be better than for a child to unwind with a fun, engaging, skill developing activity after school. With many different sports available the school is able to choose what they would like to offer their children. Sessions are structured around fun learning with children developing in the clubs sport week by week.

Our coaches are qualified and experienced in many different sports so the children are always going to be getting the best coaching possible. With ratios of 1:20 the children are going to get lots of contact time with their coach enabling them to improve as much as possible.

These clubs can be funded by the school to allow free participation or can be booked by the children in their school at a small cost per child.

School sport teams

Your school has many talented sports stars who will represent you in matches against other schools or organised competitions. These children have shown an interest in participating in a specific sport as a team together.

This means that they often need specific coaching in that sport to ensure all of the children have a good understanding in that sport and also have the opportunity to develop these specific skills. My-Coaching can work with these different sports teams, improving the individual children whilst preparing them for upcoming fixtures. Working either by themselves or alongside one of your school teachers these sessions can be during a lunch time or after school depending on which is more convenient for you.

PE Mentor Programme

My-Coaching know how important it is for children to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and have lifelong participation in physical activity. We have always supported schools with PE and sport ensuring it is the catalyst for this. The government however, have recognised a lack of confidence from classroom teachers in the PE subject area.

What is the programme? With our background in Education and Training My-Coaching have developed the bespoke ‘PE Mentor Programme’; that utilises our Mentors vast specific experience in PE to support and improve your staff’s confidence in this subject area. Not only will they have a deeper knowledge of the skills and sports they are teaching but a greater confidence when delivering.

Breakfast clubs

Breakfast clubs are a perfect opportunity for children to engage in physical activities; this improves academic performance and brain functions. This kick starts their attention and memory to get them set up for the day.

Before school can be a difficult time for parents, getting children awake and ready for school. Sport is the perfect way to ensure children start their day with the right attitude and behaviour so they have a great day.

Lunch time clubs

Lunch time is a time for all children to relax and have a break from the hard work they do in the classroom. There are skills however that the children may need support in developing to aid their lunch time experience. Following rules, communicating with others and working as a team are all essential for children to play games effectively together, making lunchtimes a more positive environment for everyone.

Lunch times can also be a tricky time for school’s to manage all of their children’s behaviour. Standards can often drop during lunch times wasting teachers time dealing with incidents that happen outside of the classroom. Structured games during these lunch times offer a brilliant solution to this.

A number of children can participate in an activity outside led by one of our coaches. This can either be an opportunity for all children to participate in or can be used for particular groups of children who struggle with expectations outside of the classroom.

We take pride in what our customers say

My school have had an excellent working relationship with Active For All for the last 4 years. I have always found them efficient, supportive, organised and well informed about the latest updates concerning P.E. Their staff are highly trained and professional.

Last year I was the Executive Headteacher at Westover Primary and when we were reviewing the provision for P.E. I did not hesitate to contact Active For All to be the school’s provider. I knew they would provide an appropriate curriculum for the children, excellent CPD for the teachers and offer advice on planning and provision. In particular their Mentor Programme for the teachers within the school is outstanding.

At Ludlow Infant, where I am currently the Executive Headteacher, we have also used Active For All for the same reasons. The first Year 2 Play leaders are also now active at play and lunchtimes and are having a huge impact in supporting the other children with play and in resolving any issues which may arise.

I can recommend Active For All without reservation.

Bev Corbin - Executive Headteacher

Claim your free morning of PE.

Whether you are a parent or teacher, simply click the button below to get your free morning of PE for your school!

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